Zoya Mystery Trio


You may have seen my review of the fullsize Zoya polishes I ordered a while back when they had a promo. The promo this time included a mystery trio of nailpolishes. I was initially disappointed by the promo. They are not only mini’s, but also quite neutral colours. I’m a big lover of unusual colours […]

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MAC Cinderella Collection


Yup, some more Cinderella products. I wish it was more original than the other, but alas. The packaging looks nice atleast but the products look pretty bland. The only thing I might be interested in is the pressed powder but I just know I wouldn’t wear the other products. Just look at the pretty packaging, […]

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Zoya Frida, Savita & Zuza


Zoya had a lovely deal a while ago, three nailpolishes plus three mystery shades for only 15 dollars including shipping. Zoya doesn’t actually ship to the Netherlands so I had to use my forwarding address. I was a bit disappointed in the whole thing. The shipping took FOREVER. I waited for more than a month […]

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