Column #2: I love being single


I must admit that I am quite the happy single. However, there are some things that are very annoying about being single. Buying food Sure, most supermarkets offer those sad single ‘ just heat me up!’ meals now, but those are ridiculously expensive. Even buying regular food is more expensive. One chicken filet is relatively […]

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New: MAC Mia Moretti


Yet another new MAC collection? Seems a bit fast for me, especially since this one also is being released on 31 March. Please explain, MAC! WHO’S THE DJ? LIP PALETTE X 6 DESERT SUN creamy nude (amplified) / WEEKEND 1 bubblegum pink (amplified) / SHE’S A PEACH bright salmon (amplified) / WEEKEND 2 lilac (amplified) […]

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MAC is releasing the MAC IS BEAUTY collection in the Netherlands  online on 31 March and in stores on 4 April.   A ton of lipsticks this time. SILLY bright white-pink (matte) / REAL DOLL light pink-lilac (lustre) / REEL SEXY bright coral (amplified) /DIVA-ISH intense fuchsia (amplified) / MAKE ME GORGEOUS intense coral pink […]

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Zoya Mystery Trio


You may have seen my review of the fullsize Zoya polishes I ordered a while back when they had a promo. The promo this time included a mystery trio of nailpolishes. I was initially disappointed by the promo. They are not only mini’s, but also quite neutral colours. I’m a big lover of unusual colours […]

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MAC Cinderella Collection


Yup, some more Cinderella products. I wish it was more original than the other, but alas. The packaging looks nice atleast but the products look pretty bland. The only thing I might be interested in is the pressed powder but I just know I wouldn’t wear the other products. Just look at the pretty packaging, […]

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